June 17, 2024

TFit Smart Bracelet App Features Overview

Technologies are developing rapidly, and today more and more people are starting to use smart watches or fitness bracelets along with their smartphone applications. To better understand the possibilities of this combination, let’s take a look at the free TFit app and a smartwatch from the same manufacturer. They have a heart rate tracker, a built-in flash camera, a fitness tracker and more. You can buy this watch on the popular Chinese website Alibaba for 15.9 USD apiece or in large bulk for 12.19 USD excluding shipping. Although this product is from the budget segment, it brings a lot of benefits to its users.

Basic Data About TFit Smartwatches

  1. The manufacturer of the gadget and its software is the Chinese company Guangdong.
  2. The watch has a touch screen and a built-in flash.
  3. The multiplatform application works on Android and iOS.
  4. Very fast magnetic charging.
  5. Supported resolutions are 240×240 and 320×320.
  6. Bluetooth: available.

Other features of the gadget include:

  1. Different watch faces, which allows users to both choose a unique style according to their preferences, and change it if they get tired of it.
  2. The TFit smart watch is IP68 waterproof, so it won’t be damaged by moisture. You can freely wear it while in the pool and track your performance while swimming.
  3. Supported sports: badminton, swimming, running, cycling, basketball and football.
  4. The watch has a built-in camera with flash, which allows you to take selfies or photos of the environment and then transfer the pictures to your smartphone
  5. The device has a fairly powerful battery (200 mAh), which takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.
  6. The device has a built-in fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate all day long and sends the data to the application for analysis.
  7. The mobile app also monitors the quality of your sleep by tracking the duration and frequency of different phases, including REM sleep, deep sleep, and others.
  8. The device both pleases with its functionality and looks great on the hand due to silicone and leather straps of different colors.
free downloadable applications for Android
Free downloadable applications for Android

Specifics of TFit Applications

If you want to download and install a useful and completely free TFit application that can analyze your physiological parameters and give you recommendations to improve your health, you can visit the APK file website that offers a variety of android applications for free. It has a lot more of them than the famous Play Market. The reason for this is that Google is very limited by legal and social norms and has to refuse many promising and interesting studios developing useful software. Whereas independent websites have no such restrictions and accept any good programs.

For example, the FindNow app can be considered a spy app because it allows you to track the location of any device and see it on Google Maps. Even though it is not spyware because it requires you to first submit a tracking request and get approval, it is difficult for such programs to get into the Play Market. The application is very useful in cases when a group of friends came to rest in a large park or somewhere else and wants to quickly find each other. Or, for example, when a parent is afraid of losing a child in a crowd. In general, sometimes FindNow can be an indispensable assistant.