July 13, 2024

Tips and tricks for dominating cricket video games


EA Sports Cricket has been a staple in both Western and many Eastern cultures for centuries. No, I’m not referring to the video game; I’m talking about the actual field sport. However, no one can deny that cricket today game has been around for what feels like an eternity.

We’ve already provided a tutorial on how to play EA Sports Cricket. Today, we’re going to show you how to win the game by leveraging a few tricks and glitches. Here’s how to dominate EA Sports Cricket with four quick tips!

Tips and Tricks for Winning at EA Sports Cricket

Six 6s in One Over

We start with a relatively simple trick that I learned from cricket news in Canada. If someone had told me it was easy to score six boundaries in one over, I’d have laughed them out of the room. Now, with a few years of virtual cricket under my belt, I can say this move is easy to execute perfectly each time. This trick relies on precision, so it’s not recommended for beginners. Seasoned players, however, should master it with little effort and practice.

To hit continuous sixes, ensure the ball marker is clearly visible on the batsman’s leg side. Make sure the leg stump is also visible by adjusting the batsman’s foot. You’ll need to hit two buttons simultaneously: the button for boosting your shot and the one for advancing your shot, both directed toward the leg side. Practice this in the nets, and once you’ve got the timing right, you’ll consistently hit sixes in every game.

Ten Wickets in Ten Balls

This trick might be even easier than scoring consistent sixes, although it requires considerable practice. It relies on having decent control over the ball marker. Start with a fast bowler, then position the ball marker as close to the batsman’s leg as possible.

Change the speed and swing of the ball, always keeping the speed at maximum. For a right-handed batsman, go for an inswing; for a left-handed batsman, an outswing is best. Control the swing with the ‘S’ and ‘D’ keys. If you get the swing, speed, and positioning right, the ball should hit the stumps consistently. You may need to experiment with ball marker placement, but placing it directly behind the batsman’s toes usually works best, resulting in consistent misses by the AI.


Spinners for Easy Wickets

Typically, EA Sports Cricket takes spinners for runs, but we have a trick to make your spinner the ultimate wicket-taker. Place your players in the slips and close to the batsman, creating a tight field. Ensure you bowl short but not too short to avoid a no-ball.

If executed correctly, the ball will move slowly due to the spin, either hitting the stumps directly, being caught, ending up as a dot ball, or hitting the pads for a high chance of an LBW. Since you only need to bowl a short ball, this trick is one of the easiest to master.

Extra Runs Glitch

Many games have glitches and coding oversights, and EA Sports Cricket is no exception. There’s a glitch where if you complete a run after an appeal to the umpire, the run will be counted. Timing is crucial for this trick.

Perform a run and pay close attention to the field. If the ball is thrown toward the wicketkeeper or bowler, it will break the stumps. Before this happens, press ‘D’ while running and ensure you are across the crease. The appeal won’t be counted, the wicketkeeper won’t throw the ball again, and you’ll score an extra run each time. It’s that simple.


Mastering EA Sports Cricket involves a blend of practice, strategy, and knowing a few well-timed tricks. By executing these tips, you can significantly improve your gameplay and consistently dominate your opponents. Remember, hitting six 6s in one over or taking ten wickets in ten balls might feel challenging at first, but with enough practice, they will become second nature. Similarly, making the most of your spinners and leveraging the extra runs glitch can give you the edge you need to secure victory. Keep experimenting, refine your techniques, and, most importantly, enjoy the game. Happy gaming!