June 17, 2024

Prison Boss VR: How to Have a Good Time in Prison

For many people, a prison is a place of suffering, where citizens try to make amends to society after an unsuccessful attempt to outwit the system.

However, the purpose of correctional institutions is not to hurt people or punish them for their mistakes. The main purpose of isolating criminals from society is to give them time to reflect on mistakes and correct them, to help them get rid of the bad habits that led them to prison, and to acquire new habits that are useful for them and society.

The virtual reality simulator Prison Boss VR allows players to understand the mood and thoughts of people serving their sentences in correctional institutions.

If you want to experience more fun, it is recommended to use a virtual reality helmet.

Free Enterprise in Detention Facilities

Sounds like an oxymoron, but Prison Boss VR will convince you otherwise. After users learn how to do business in the extreme conditions of the prison, it will be easy for them to successfully run a business in freedom.

Why are new recruits in the army subjected to exhausting training and exercises? So that in a real battle they could flawlessly perform their combat mission and survive.

The list of prisoners’ tasks includes:

  • Showing off and gaining the respect of both inmates and administration.
  • Providing themselves with a comfortable existence.
  • Gradually increasing their social status.

A more correct name for Prison Boss VR would be “From the dealer to the boss”, because this is the main goal of the game, to go from a simple prisoner to a prison dealer, then earn points and accumulate funds to end your prison career as the Big Boss.

This way, by the end of your term, you will be able to save up enough money so that later, when you are free, you do not have to wash dishes at McDonald’s or unload fish at the port.

Or, if you are competent enough, you can provide yourself with an even better life than many free people have.

Prison Boss VR
Prison Boss VR

Proper Market Development

A successful business starts with research and analysis of the market and your target audience. Who are the clients? What problems do they have? What products could solve these problems?

If you want to become a true Prison Boss, you need to understand that human problems are the engine of trade.

  • Give people what they need to solve their problems and you can do what you want with them.
  • People are willing to pay any money to get rid of their problems (within the available funds, of course).
  • The one who successfully helps people solve their problems becomes the Boss.

The boss is a respected member of the community and everyone turns to him when they need advice or help. Rolling cigarettes, taking out cookies, or bringing in illegal alcohol are just tools to gain respect from others.

So why are small things like cigarettes, sweets, and alcohol so important in prison? Because the common problem of all prisoners is a gloomy and depressed mood.

In Prison Boss VR, a character can craft or obtain up to 11 different items to help others with their problems, sell them for a high price, or exchange them for services.

The latter is especially important. Rolling cigarettes is a job, and you can’t become a boss doing it.

Bosses don’t work, they organize the work of other prisoners.

For example, if a prisoner does not have money for a pack of cigarettes, you can ask them to roll 10 packs of cigarettes instead. This is how the bosses work, and not just ordinary dealers.

All in all, Prison Boss VR in a virtual format clearly shows the players that it is possible to become an influential and rich person in prison.