April 24, 2024

Best Anime Games

Why has the popularity of the best anime games soared among users? Their plots are based on popular cartoons that are made in Oriental style and stand out for their subtlety and sensuality with the addition of specific Japanese legends and fairy tales.

Popular anime games are widespread not only among teenagers, but also millions of adults who are tired of their daily struggle for existence without a single hint of miracles in it.

The best anime games place gamers in fantasy worlds, whose inhabitants have real human feelings and are ready to fight to the death for love and honor.

One of the oldest projects, Dragon Quest, despite its primitive graphics from the eighties, was in demand and popular until 2018. The reason for this lies in its complex and twisted plot, as well as battles with opponents in fantasy worlds.

With the gradual development of computer technology, the game continued to adapt to the modern format and acquire high-quality graphics, which explains its long popularity.

Best Anime Games Right Now

The rating is based on both the number of downloads and installations (for free projects) and sales (for commercial projects).

The list of the best anime games includes the following recent projects:

  1. Genshin Impact. A dynamic RPG of 2020, whose plot is based on the exploration of the fantastic world of Teyvat. Players have to complete increasingly difficult tasks and solve intricate puzzles. The game is available for free on PC and mobile devices. It became the most downloaded and installed game on Google Play and the App Store in 2020.
  2. Perfect Fantasy. The Esprit Games studio project takes players into a fantastic world full of wonders and colors. The goal of the game is to fight a powerful evil sorcerer who can turn the living into the dead in one word. The game is free, has a multiplayer mode, and is supported by stationary and mobile platforms.
  3. One Piece: Edge of the World. The new release of 2020, based on the iconic anime One Piece. The plot tells about the adventures of a close-knit crew of pirates led by captain Monkey. The levels are designed so that beginners can easily pass them and then move further through the game naturally and without stress.

Anime games are not limited in genres and plots, so every user can find interesting projects for themselves.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Best-Selling Android Games

The good thing about games on mobile platforms is that they do not tie you to a specific place and time. You can play anytime and anywhere, including in the countryside and airport lounges.

At the top of the top 10 anime games for Android is Sword Art Online, the online adventures and battles of the Sword Master. The plot of the game is based on traditional Japanese novels about the Sword Master.

There are already many comics, anime, and computer games for different platforms based on the series of light novels about Master Kirito.

Users will find challenging adventures and quests, one-on-one and one-against-all sword battles, traveling through the fantastic world of Aincrad, and gorgeous colorful graphics.

Browser Anime Games

The best browser-based anime games provide users with ample opportunities and allow them to play together with their friends or in a multiplayer global format.

The best project in this category is the 2019 project from the Esprit Game studio. It is a multiplayer fantasy with travel to parallel worlds with a team of companions and battles with a strong final boss.

At the beginning of the game, players must assemble a team of reliable comrades-in-arms, with whom they will bravely fight for victory.

PC Games

The Blade and Soul project was recognized as the best in this category. Its plot is based on some elements of the mythology of Asian countries. It is a multiplayer game that supports battles with both one opponent and a group.