July 13, 2024

Best Dendy Games

Dandy game consoles became so popular in the 90s of the last century that their name became a household word for all game consoles by any manufacturer.

Even after 30 years, a long list of Dandy games evokes pleasant and nostalgic memories. Some of the games have been adapted to more modern platforms, such as smartphones and computers, so you don’t even need the original console to play them.

Best Dendy Games of All Time

The history of the console’s development dates back decades, so there is a large list of games, the best of which still arouse the respect and interest of users even in the days of modern three-dimensional game projects.

The younger generation of gamers should try at least a few of the best Dendy games to understand the history of the genre’s formation (and find out where it all began).

  • Super Mario Bros. This is by far the most famous project in this category. The fun adventures of an Italian plumber have become legendary. Although this project is not Italian, but American-Japanese, there is a small town in Italy where all the streets were renamed in honor of Mario and other characters of the game. This is a very long series of adventures with a simple storyline. Mario’s goal is to find and free the princess who was imprisoned by the villains of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Tetris. Another game with a simple plot that has gained huge popularity and whose name has become a household word. This is a computer puzzle game designed to develop your attention, reaction speed, and ability to instantly assess multidimensional situations.
  • Vice: Project Doom. It is a crime action video game with a more complex plot. The gameplay between the levels contains scenes from famous detective and spy films. The game has everything in it, from a simple shooter and action to a detective with unexpected turns of events. Players will find platformers, races, shootouts, and investigation of crimes involving the distribution of a new dangerous drug.
  • Spy Hunter. This is an exciting luxury car racing game in the style of the James Bond spy series. Racing at high speeds becomes even more difficult when armed gangsters are desperately trying to get even with the protagonist. On the way, players will encounter complex road junctions and will be pursued by villains with machine guns and even combat helicopters.

The list of the best Dendy games continues with River City Ransom, an alternative version of Super Mario Bros. Players need to go through a lot of hand-to-hand fights and shootouts with the classic goal of rescuing a beautiful princess stolen by the Bosses of the Strange Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Entertainment System Games

Different countries released the best games on the NES under different trade names and with some differences related to the peculiarities of regional television technologies and the complexity of their gameplays.

Nowadays, people can play old NES games using emulators for personal computers and mobile devices.

Such games are usually referred to as “old but gold”. Despite their simplicity and even primitiveness in technical terms, their developers have managed to put something into them that continues to attract users of all ages and gaming experiences.

Another legendary project is Рас-Man. The whole point of the game is to move through a two-dimensional maze and eat all dots on the way.

Despite the simple plot of the arcade, it is so captivating that players can spend hours wandering through the mazes.