June 17, 2024

Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak Game

One of the most common plot themes in literature and cinema is the struggle for freedom. An example of such a struggle would be escaping from prison. Especially if a person has become a victim of judicial error, bias of the investigation, or perjury.

In totalitarian countries, the very struggle for freedom was a terrible crime. Dissidents could be jailed for life for a careless word spoken at the dinner table. Later they could find out that their drinking buddy had been snitching on them for a long time.

Apparently, such situations formed the basis of the plot of the game Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak.

The Plot of the Game

It all started many decades ago when a “mysterious prisoner number E-0308” was brought to the special prison VR-03 in the Ukrainian city of Pripyat, which became notorious after an accident at a nearby nuclear power plant.

  • If not for a terrible catastrophe, the mysterious prisoner would most likely have disappeared behind the walls of a maximum-security prison.
  • The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred shortly after the prisoner arrived.
  • Both prisoners and guards of the correctional facility were quickly evacuated.

However, the mysterious prisoner was so dangerous to the totalitarian regime that even a nuclear catastrophe was not a good enough reason for him to be taken out of the special prison.

Thus, the game begins with the fact that a strange prisoner is alone among the radioactivity-stricken prison walls guarded by a special squad of guards.

It seems developers love the word special. Everything in the game is so special that players will have to work hard and use all their resources to successfully complete all levels.

Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak
Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak

Features of Escape from Chernobyl

No politics. Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak is actually a classic adventure game with puzzles and charades waiting for players at every turn. If the character wants to get free, he needs to complete many tasks for dexterity and ingenuity, as if he were on the impregnable shores and bastions of the Bayard Islands. The list of tasks includes:

  • Challenging puzzles to take you to the next stage of your journey to freedom.
  • Skillful use of a master key to open any doors and locks.
  • The successful and imperceptible disabling of ingenious totalitarian alarms that were invented in special institutions by imprisoned special scientists with numbers instead of names.
  • Distracting and outwitting the guards (note that the guards are also not simple, but very “special”).

As it seems from the description of the tasks, the fugitive (along with the gamer) should have undergone special training before opening the game.

The list of skills required to complete the game gives the impression that the main character is either a safe-cracker with extensive experience in stealing totalitarian money or a trained spy.

Although all these skills would also be of great help in everyday life among “ordinary” people and competitors.

In the second part of Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak, in addition to the usual unsolvable riddles, the character will have to find out what was the true cause of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant?

The accident led to many strange, terrible and extraordinary consequences, so the main character, number E-0308, will have to solve puzzles and complete quests in these difficult and dangerous conditions.

According to user reviews, Escape from Chernobyl: Jailbreak is a very interesting and exciting game. Players are so focused on completing levels that they do not even notice how they spend hours at the computer.