June 17, 2024

Prison Simulator: Would You Be a Good Guard?

The video game industry is in search of new territory, and Prison Simulator is proof of this.

This is the opinion of developers and publishers of game projects. But is there something interesting and useful in this simulator for users and gamers?

To answer this question, let’s find out what happens after you press the Play button in Prison Simulator.

Instructions for the Prison Guard

The gameplay looks like it was made by an experienced safety engineer. Everything follows a strict pattern.

  • Performing duties as a prison guard before the start of the work shift.
  • Compliance with security measures while working with prisoners and performing daily duties.
  • Performing duties as a prison guard after the end of the shift.

It all starts with getting a job in prison. At this stage, users can choose both the correctional institution itself and a couple of dozen prisoners.

Skeptics note that the developers seem to play along with the dark character traits of gamers. Many people would like their enemies, ill-wishers, and other people they do not like to be in their complete power. As part of their job, of course, but it would still be nice. Therefore, the rules of the game forbid you to choose well-known politicians as models for your prisoners.

After that, the authorities explain to the new warden a list of his daily duties and how to behave with employees and prisoners.

Being Able to Work in Extreme Conditions

Prison is considered an extreme condition, isn’t it? Of course, it is. Here the guard seems to be caught in the crossfire.

  • If you lose respect from your employees, you will be fired from a well-paid job for being unprofessional.
  • If you lose respect from the prisoners, they can start a riot with unpredictable consequences, so you may even have to call the National Guard to quell it.

Allowing a riot or failing to quickly calm impudent prisoners without resorting to excessive measures is a big indicator of unprofessionalism that can lead you to serious official penalties or even send you to court.

Prison Simulator
Prison Simulator

Routine, Routine, and More Routine

If you’ve always dreamed of working as a prison guard, walking in a nice uniform, and wearing special equipment on your belt, Prison Simulator will be a cold shower for you.

There is nothing pleasant about being a guard. You always have to follow strict instructions. Any violations of the rules and instructions lead to a decrease in rating and salary, loss of respect from both sides, and a general deterioration in the situation of the employee (player).

What Do Prison Guards Really Do?

In the cinema, warders often amuse themselves by beating prisoners with batons, dousing them with ice water, and locking them naked in cold punishment cells.

That’s what cinema is for. In reality, a guard can quickly become one of the prisoners himself for doing such things. The law is the law.

The guard’s day begins and ends with filling out tons of documents and reports. When newcomers arrive, you need to search them, find and seize prohibited items, match their identities with the accompanying papers, and send them to the right cell block.

During the day, you must accompany groups of prisoners to their workplaces, to the sauna, or the sports ground, while maintaining order and preventing offenses.

When the time comes, you need to search the cells, knowing all the places where the prisoners can hide prohibited items, drugs, and money.