July 13, 2024

Best World War II Games

Battles of various scales take place all over the planet almost all the time, but it is the best games about World War II that have received the most popularity. Why did this happen?

First of all, First, WW2 is particularly well represented in fiction and cinema.

Secondly, the battles took place relatively recently, so there are many documents and surviving eyewitnesses.

Thirdly, in its meaning, reasons, goals, and objectives, WW2 reflects one of the most popular Hollywood plots, the battle between the world’s Evil (striving for world domination) and Good.

Why Are the Best WW2 Games So Popular?

Such games use prototypes and analogues of real military equipment, aircraft, warships, artillery, and small arms that were used on the fields of the world battle to save humanity from fascism.

  • The use of real weapons and uniforms in the game helps players put themselves in their character’s shoes and greatly increases their emotional involvement.
  • Games about the biggest battles make people take an interest in history and geography.
  • When people compare themselves with the characters of the opposing countries, they better understand the causes and goals of the battles, and can assess whether human losses are justified.

The list of the best World War II games should start with World of Tanks, the most famous multiplayer game combining elements of strategy, tactics, shooter, and RPG. Almost every PC owner has played the game at least once, so it does not need an additional description.

WW2 Games Ranking

Of course, the beginning and composition of the list of the best games about World War II differs depending on the target audience of gamers, but there are also some unconditional bestsellers that everyone plays.

The second place in the global list belongs to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It is not the first game in the series, but new technologies and improved graphics helped the project become successful and get user likes only in 2015.

The list of the best World War II games often starts with Call of Duty 2. The advantages of the game include accurate geography of battles, dynamic plot and excellent graphics.

It is a full-scale shooter with action elements. Players can shoot at their enemies to their heart’s content and pretend they’re taking part in combat, such as the liberation of Berlin, in a realistic simulation of the city’s streets and buildings.

Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 2

Classification and Systematization

The top 10 war games can be divided by genre based on their demand among target audiences and sales volumes. Obviously, developers are more interested in creating games of the more popular genres with a claim to bestsellers.

  • Shooters. Single-player and multiplayer shootouts on city streets or in fields, forests, or mountains.
  • Flight games. Games about flying and fighting on combat fighters are almost leading among all other genres of war games in terms of player engagement.
  • Naval strategies. In such games, players have to think well to effectively manage an entire fleet of warships.

Games about World War II can sometimes include elements of fiction. Their goal is to attract a new audience of people who prefer to fight for the future with laser blasters.

One such project is Wolfenstein: The New Order. According to the plot of the game, the Third Reich won the World War II. Many people are very interested to know what would happen with such an unbelievable turn of events. Thanks to the great interest of the audience, the game became a bestseller and leads the ratings.